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Why Dieting May Be Easier With a Good Diet Plan

Executive Summary About Good Diet Plans By Carolyn Langlois

At the best of times, dieting is challenging. At the worst of times, dieting is nearly impossible. Just the word dieting can be depressing. That’s why dieting may be easier with a good diet plan.

So eating lots of fruit should be a good thing to do when dieting, right? Different types of fruit contain different amounts of calories. A one cup portion of apple slices has about 55 calories, while an equal amount of sliced banana has a whopping 134 calories.

There is a huge difference in the number of calories contained in different foods. A three ounce piece of roasted chicken breast has 140 calories while a three ounce piece of broiled steak can contain as much as 240 calories.

Otherwise you will have trouble sticking to the number of calories you have committed to eating on your diet. The best diet plans will actually provide suggested meal plans, and even shopping lists. Is dieting easier if you have a good diet plan?

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